tại sao lại cứng đầu như thế ?
tại sao lại cứ phải bướng lên như thế ?

tôi ghét lắm

tại tôi sao ?

hẳn là vậy rồi

Went out, forgot my phone at home,
in the middle of the rain,
everything even my thoughs started to fade away.
And for a moment, I suddenly dont know where i’m , what i’m gonna do.
Totally lost.
But it feels ok

i’m not ok.





There’re two bottles

One filled with memories, only reason i put them here, cause they made me sad. I lost someone

One filled with a big heart, inside is a star which wrote : i love you. The happiest things I have, is your heart, I know we love each other so much. And it’s priceless to me.

And that’s enough

I see you’re happy, arent you ?

That’s good.

i miss all that

nobody know

nobody understand

everybody want to talk, but no one want to listen

it’s cold here (see? you dont know i’m pointing at my heart)



are you ok ?

am i ok ?

cacao could help the headache, but not the sadness

what to do what to do

look up

there’s only a broken sky

all i want to do right now
is holding your hands.
i keep seeing place, sit beside me, no one there
i dont know what we said, i dont know what we did
the only thing that left in my heart, is a big empty
I dont know what to do
I dont know what i can do
and i wonder if i would hurt you again
so i just sit here, with a headache ~
there’re so so many places, i wanna take you with me.
i guess i’m just too late, huh?