Your Key To Infinity – By Warren Louw

by windboi

I have now decided that it is time to come forward with the true secret behind my ways, not just in my art, but how I approach life. The answer that lies at the core was never about knowing how to approach balance, composition, lighting and colors in all its elaborate detail. It was never about knowing all the best tips, tricks and technicalities to get the best effects. It wasn’t even about practicing. I will go as far as to say, that it wasn’t even about passion. Yes, those are all crucial parts of it, but the origins however, lie deeper…

It’s the engine behind your entire experience as a human on planet Earth, your operating system to reality. This, ladies and gentlemen, is your consciousness. You are far more powerful and have far more control than you think you do. The deeper you go, the more you will realize that it was you in control the entire time. You are orchestrating it all. Your reality is far from a collection of random, coincidental or planned occurrences that come together, or don’t, where you have limited control. It so happens to be that your reality operates completely and absolutely according to YOU. Your life experience as a human harmonizes with that of your very focus and through it, creates it. Whatever you think, consider, imagine, wonder or remember, whatever you pay attention to or focus upon, that triggers an emotional response inside you, that is the birthing point of its creation into your reality. Your emotions are your guidance – remember to always follow your better feeling thoughts.

From this perspective, the condition of humanity on Earth makes perfect sense. What is our consciousness, and our focus constantly fed with? It is fed with fear, hate, stress, worry, sickness, doubt, depression and limitations etc – all forms of low vibrating negativity. It is within these systems of thought, of focus, that generate and create the world that we live in. We have been born into a world where you have been taught pre-planned thought systems to operate and create with. We are taught to impose all kinds of limitations on ourselves from so many different angles and levels. The truth behind all limits and all impossibilities is that they are nothing more than cleverly packaged and sold illusions that we consciously and subconsciously create our realities with. By telling yourself you cannot do something, you create yourself incapable. By acknowledging/confirming a negative reality your experiencing, you will only be enforcing more of it for yourself. In this way I will say, never face reality if it is not the reality you are wanting to experience. Make it a goal to focus only on those things that you are wanting to be apart of you and your life, instead of the opposite.

It is time to shift to high vibrating/positive thought systems to create your reality where your focus is set on the highest you can possibly aim. Imagination, which goes beyond all limits, is your key. Aim beyond anything that has ever been achieved, within the system of society and far beyond it while always believing in yourself. In this way, you and that of your focus will reach harmonization, and it will reflect into your very experience. So believe in yourself and your dreams no matter what, without canceling them through a negative focus. This is when you will shift into a new world of infinite possibilities within yourself, existing on a far higher level, where positivity in all its stats of bliss exist. This is where you will become one with all your dreams.

So be mindful of your thoughts. It is your focus that determines your reality!

By Warren Louw